Washington to unveil a new name on February 2


As announced earlier this morning, the Washington football team are now expected to reveal their new name / identity on February 2.

This change will be both welcomed by many and rejected by many. This is only natural when you are dealing with people, a long tradition and where there has been a lot of emotional and financial investment.

In a video released by the organization, Doug Williams says, “We’ve been ‘Redskins’ our entire lives, but whatever the change, I embrace it.”

Eager to be accepted by the public, Washington CEO Martin Mayhew said, “I hope this is something that embraces DC and the culture we have here.”

“We believe we have found a name that our fans and our team across the DMV and beyond can really come together,” Washington team president Jason Wright said announcing the date.

Damon Jones, WFT General Counsel reflected on some of the complicated questions and what they were: people have, (so) you don’t get into legal trouble.

“Looking into the intellectual property landscape, it’s extraordinarily complicated for something like this that’s going to be so famous and so widely used,” Jones continued.

As a result, a fan favorite, “Red Wolves or Redwolves” has been officially ruled out. No doubt this has been done now, to eliminate further disappointment at the time of the actual announcement.

Seeing that they weren’t going to go with “Redwolves,” it’s probably wise for Wright to go ahead and break this news to fans now.

Here’s a brief mention and preview of the new uniform:

Now it looks like the beloved HTTR may cease to exist.

Whatever the choice, a lesson that should have been learned is that Wright and Dan Snyder avoided the overly politically correct and horrific backlash from the MLB Cleveland franchise which announced that they were moving from “Indians” to Cleveland and becoming the “Clevelands. “. Guardians.

We sincerely hope that Wright and Snyder don’t skip this transition in the same way.


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