UK seeks to remove digital trade barriers, Minister says


LONDON (Reuters) – Britain will seek to remove digital trade barriers to help its companies export their services, the country’s new Trade Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan said on Monday.

The UK’s Department for International Trade released a report last week seeking to predict global trade trends through 2050, which predicts demand for digital services will double over the next decade.

“We all depend on digital commerce, but UK businesses face digital barriers in countries that take a protectionist approach,” Trevelyan will say in a virtual speech at London Tech Week, according to advanced snippets released by his office.

“I want the UK to break down these barriers and open up exciting new opportunities for businesses and consumers so we can see improved productivity, jobs and growth.”

Trade deals typically focus on removing barriers to trade in goods, but since leaving the European Union Britain has sought to include digital trade deals and common standards in professional services. to stimulate the growth of the service sector.

Trevelyan will use her first speech since taking office last week to outline the department’s plan to attempt to shape international digital policy. This will include establishing cooperation on digital trade through free trade agreements.

Improving consumer and intellectual property protections and promoting the development of digital business systems such as electronic contracts are also part of the plans Trevelyan will make.

The department, which said the digital sector contributed £ 150.6bn to the UK economy in 2019 and employed 4.6% of the national workforce, also wants to simplify and make less expensive businesses that use data to trade internationally by advocating free and reliable exchanges. border data flows.

(Reporting by Kylie MacLellan; Editing by Nick Macfie)


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