Top 6 Richest Investment Bankers of All Time


Investment banking is one of the many industries that have already captivated outstanding geniuses around the world, and many who had previously entered the industry have enjoyed considerable success. However, you need to understand how much effort it takes to build an image as strong as that of existing top investment bankers.

An investment banker may start out as a researcher and work around 120 hours per week for the first few years. However, if they reach the very prestigious position of Managing Director, the hours are hardly shorter if they wish to become one of the main producers of the company. Several people have proven how practicing this profession can make you one of the richest people in the world.

Here is the list of the 6 richest investment bankers in the world to learn:

  1. Nathaniel Rothschild (Net worth: $ 1,000 billion)
    The Rothschilds were among the best-known figures in investment banking, with reports claiming the dynasty may have already amassed a trillion dollar fortune. Rothschild is among the best for anyone to do it – one of the most successful investment bankers in the world with a net worth of $ 5 billion. He carries his family heritage and his personal life lessons through himself and his loved ones.

  2. Jim Simons (net worth: $ 23.5 billion)
    Simons is a mathematician, hedge fund manager and philanthropist, in addition to becoming one of the richest people in the world. He makes investments using mathematical techniques and algorithms, putting his mathematical abilities to an excellent advantage. At this point, it’s like defeating a human calculation. Renaissance Technologies, a New York-based hedge fund, was created by him.

  3. Joseph Safra (net worth: $ 22.4 billion)
    Joseph Safra, Swiss banker and millionaire businessman, is the founder and CEO of the Safra Group, a Brazilian banking and financial conglomerate. He is the chairman of all Safra companies, including New York-based Safra National Bank and even So Paulo-based Banco Safra. Safra is ranked 39th on the Forbes list of billionaires for 2020. Joseph Safra’s net worth is expected to be $ 22.4 billion in 2021.

  4. Petr Kellner (net worth: $ 18.4 billion)
    Petr Kellner is indeed a Czech entrepreneur. He is the richest person in the Czech Republic and the largest owner and shareholder (98.93%) of a PPF group. The PPF group was very successful, having invested in more than 200 companies. The PPF group also holds a dominant position in the largest insurance company in the Czech Republic. He also acquired a significant stake in the Komercini bank through the entire PPF group. Kellner had focused his efforts on high value transactions.

  5. Ray Dalio (net worth: $ 16.9 billion)
    Dalio received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1973 after graduating from Long Island University. In 1975 he founded Bridgewater Associates throughout his residence. Bridgewater was one of the largest hedge funds and insurance companies in 2013. Ray Dalio is the author of Principles: Life & Work, which is said to have been a New York Times bestseller and the first business book on Amazon in 2017. Dalio is ranked 46th. on Forbes’ 2020 billionaire list, with a net worth of $ 16.9 billion in 2021.

  6. Jorge Paul Lemann (Net worth: $ 15.5 billion)
    Jorge holds the record for the richest Brazilian in the world. He is the child of Swedish immigrants who grew up in a low income household where his father worked as a simple dairy farmer. Jorge worked and resided in Switzerland until he moved to Brazil to set up an investment bank in the early 1970s. His new business, Banco Garantia, had quickly acquired a well-known employer in the country. In 1998, he sold it for $ 675 million.

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