Thousands of Lotto customers temporarily disbursed due to widespread IT issues


Milward says they withdrew $ 260 from their shared account on Wednesday. Photo / File

Thousands of Kiwis have been affected by a Lotto computer glitch, which means more money has been withdrawn from their accounts than expected.

Lotto confirmed in a statement that prior to Wednesday’s draw, around 25,000 customers trying to top up their accounts were affected.

They said the issue happened just before 7:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. Wednesday night and happened because their payment partners experienced delays with their card processing systems.

“This was exacerbated by the very heavy traffic on the MyLotto platform ahead of the draw. As you know, the Powerball jackpot was $ 42 million on Wednesday, and as a result, we sold three times as many tickets for it. draw that we would. sell in an average Wednesday night draw. Many customers came online at the last minute to buy a ticket. “

Cherry Milward, who received a refund this morning, was one of the affected customers.

Milward said she and her husband decided to each put $ 50 into their separate Lotto accounts from their joint bank account.

Unfortunately, she said after trying once, it wouldn’t work and they were both unable to load money into their accounts.

When she checked her bank account a few hours later, she was shocked to find that $ 260 was waiting for different payments to come out of their joint bank account.

She called Lotto and said a support person told her over the phone that they were having computer issues and it affected people across the country.

“[They said] within 24 hours the wait will be gone and your bank account will be back to normal, and I was like oh that’s a little annoying but it’s okay. “

However, on Friday Milward said the money had been withdrawn from his bank account and only $ 50 of the $ 260 actually went to his Lotto account.

“Some people probably don’t even know it happened, like the elderly, online banking and everything in between.

“I think it would be good to publicly acknowledge that they screwed up.”

Lotto said the issue meant that some customers tried to top up their MyLotto wallets multiple times because they didn’t see the funds appear after the first attempt.

“Around 25,000 customers were affected (around 4 percent of the total who purchased tickets for the draw). For the majority of these customers, the total amount they transferred to their MyLotto wallet (across multiple transactions) was less than $ 50, but for some – like the customer you spoke to – it was more than that. “

The statement said they identified the problem and processed refunds from affected customers on Thursday.

“Many customers have already re-credited the funds to their accounts, but how long that takes will depend on how long it takes their bank to process the transaction. We also emailed each affected customer on Friday morning explaining what had happened. and letting them know what we were doing to fix it. “

The company told the Herald that it sincerely apologizes to affected customers and understands the concern the issue has caused.

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