Social Security Offices Won’t Open Jan 3 As Offered – How Does This Affect You?


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The Social Security Administration (SSA) originally proposed that employees return to the office by January 3, 2022, but those plans have now been pushed back.

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According to a statement issued on December 22, the SSA said: “You may have seen a proposed reinstatement date of January 3, 2022 in the draft reintegration plan that we have provided to our unions or in the media. While some executives reinstated on December 1, we have not set a reinstatement date for the rest of the agency. “

More than 1,200 field offices have been closed since March 2020, which have provided assistance with Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplementary Security Income (SSI) claims, as well as pension claims and health insurance, Reuters reported last month. In 2019, these offices welcomed more than 43 million visitors. However, since the start of the pandemic, almost all public services have only been available online, by phone and by mail.

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The closures have frustrated the public and Congress, saying people from vulnerable communities now have limited access to Social Security benefits, Federal News Network reported.

“The most serious problems are related to the decline in rewards for the most vulnerable,” David Weaver, former associate commissioner at the Office of Research, Demonstration and Employment Support, told Reuters. social Security. “These are people who might have less ability to get information from the Internet, or easy access to information on how to contact the agency. And people seeking ISS and a disability may have severe mental disabilities or be homeless. “

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The SSA says the best way to reach the agency is online, by calling the national 800 number or by calling a local social security office. At present, in-person service is by appointment and only for “limited critical issues”. Voluntary hearings will continue to be held by online video or phone. SSA has also taken steps to increase in-person assistance for those unable to conduct business online or by phone.

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