Scroll distraction-free reading service closes and becomes a feature of Twitter Blue


Without distraction Scroll reading service will stop in about 30 days and become a feature of Blue twitter, Twitter confirmed in an email to TechCrunch. Twitter acquired Scroll in May and had stated that he planned to offer Scroll as a premium feature on his platform. Once Scroll is closed as an independent service, it will become “Ad-Free Articles” under Twitter Blue.

“Subscribe to Twitter Blue when it’s available to continue reading fast-loading, ad-free articles while supporting journalism on your favorite sites,” read an email sent to current Scroll subscribers.

Currently, Scroll offers paid subscribers ad-free browsing on a number of websites including USA Today, Buzzfeed News, The Atlantic, The Verge, and more for $ 5 per month. Using Scroll is similar to using a player view, as ads, trackers, and other website junk are removed so that readers can focus on the content. A portion of the monthly subscription is used to fund content read by subscribers.

After the two companies announced the acquisition, Scroll stopped accepting new followers and moved to the private beta, as the team struggled to integrate it with Twitter. As for current subscribers, it’s unclear when the service will be available on Twitter Blue and if there will be a direct transition. Both companies promise to provide more information in the coming weeks.

Twitter previously noted that when subscribers use Scroll through Twitter, a portion of their subscription revenue will go to supporting the editors and writers creating the content. The social media giant had said premium subscribers could use Scroll to easily read articles from media and Twitter’s own newsletter product, Review, another recent acquisition already integrated into Twitter.

It should be noted that Twitter Blue is currently only available in Canada and Australia. The subscription gives Twitter users access to premium features, including tools for organizing bookmarks and a “Cancel Tweet” feature, which seems to be the closest thing Twitter will offer to the “Edit” button. asked for a long time. Twitter Blue also comes with a reader mode feature, which Twitter previously noted is unrelated to its plans for Scroll. While some might have expected something else for functionality, Reader Mode is more of an alternative to third-party apps like Thread Reader, as opposed to a more robust offering like Scroll.

In Canada and Australia, a Twitter Blue subscription currently costs CA $ 3.49 or AUD $ 4.49, respectively. It is not known if the price of Twitter Blue will increase with this upcoming integration.


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