SBI YONO App Money Transfer, Withdrawal Process


Here is how to use SBI YONO app money transfer, withdrawal method.

Now, customers of State Bank of India (SBI) will no longer have to visit the bank to send or transfer money and withdraw money. Yes, they can perform all these tasks through the SBI YONO app. YONO (You Only Need One) is a digital banking platform from SBI. According to the bank, “YONO is an initiative of SBI to bring all of its joint venture customers through the digital technology ‘YONO Mobile App'”. Using SBI YONO Mobile App, customers can integrate all their products and services from SBI Bank Account, SBI Card, SBI Mutual Fund, SBI Life Insurance, General Insurance SBI and SBI Securities. Below we explain how to use SBI YONO app money transfer, withdrawal method.

First, to use the SBI YONO mobile app, a user must have an SBI bank account number. You can also login to the app using ATM card details. By using the SBI YONO mobile application, you can benefit from several online banking services like opening bank accounts, money transfer, among others. If you haven’t used the app yet, you can download it to use online banking.

SBI YONO mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play Store on Android devices. While iPhone users can download the app from App Store. The only thing they need to do is visit the store, search for SBI YONO app and click download. The app will be downloaded and installed on your device.

How to Transfer or Send Money via SBI YONO Mobile App

1. Download the SBI YONO mobile app on your smartphone and log in.

2. After that, navigate to the home screen and tap on the “Funds Transfer” option.

3. Then continue and select a beneficiary. Provide the required details and enter the amount you wish to transfer.

4. You will now need to authenticate the process using MPIN.

5. After entering the MPIN, you will receive a successful money transfer message.


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