PrimeWay Federal Credit Union selects Larky and Mahalo Banking energy partnership for mobile communications


Larky and Mahalo sign their new client, PrimeWay Federal Credit Union.

ARBOR, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2021 / – Larky and Mahalo Banking announce the signing of their new client, PrimeWay Federal Credit Union. Larky is the leading provider of consumer engagement technology based in Ann Arbor. Mahalo, based in Troy, is the mobile and online banking partner of credit unions. Their partnership aligns their technologies to help financial institutions engage with account holders.

Founded in 1937, PrimeWay serves approximately 50,000 members and 250 employers in the greater Houston area. PrimeWay is proud to help its members make their dreams come true. They provide tools and advice to help create a plan to make those dreams come true. Thanks to Larky and Mahalo, PrimeWay’s new online toolset will meet the expectations of its members to get their money back wherever they are.

For 85 years, PrimeWay Federal Credit Union has embraced the growth necessary to remain a strong partner for all of its members. This unique set of tools made possible by Larky and Mahalo will support PrimeWay in its next transformation.

“Relations with our members are leaving the agency and going digital. Our members’ experience with our online banking and mobile app is critical in how our members perceive our brand and our relationship. With the help of Mahalo and Larky, PrimeWay is building a mobile experience that deliberately focuses on creating a more personal relationship through the digital channel with possibilities for two-way communication, ”said Michelle Oshinski, Director of Marketing at PrimeWay.

Power partners: Larky and Mahalo

Larky Nudge® The engagement platform allows institutions to connect with their audience in the right place at the right time. Mahalo’s Omni-Experience was designed to improve access and harness the power of basic credit union systems. Nudge integration® in mobile banking applications pushes the message across when it matters most.

Mahalo intuitively presents member data with enhanced management features to enhance a member’s experience and credit union services. Larky’s smart messaging, user-friendly navigation, 6% click-through rate with targeted push notifications, and five times more effective marketing make a big difference.

Mahalo was formed to provide the credit union industry with a superior digital banking experience, including robust features and functionality that help drive growth, while maintaining the excellent service the credit union industry is known for. Explained Denny C. Howell, COO and co. -founder of Mahalo. “We are proud to partner with Larky and PrimeWay Federal Credit Union to help bring a more personal, robust and service-oriented experience to PrimeWay members.”

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