Pod Foods launches Pod Foods Capital, helping emerging brands with financial relief amid recession


Revolutionary Fintech Grocery Product Empowers Emerging Brands the power to evolve at the national level

AUSTIN, TX, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pod feedreimagining the grocery supply chain with the first full-service wholesale B2B marketplace with integrated logistics, today announced the launch of Capita Foods PodI, a financing tool that allows emerging brands to access easy and affordable capital to help them grow their brand. Pod Foods Capital will launch two financial products, including a line of credit and term loans, offering assistance to brands regardless of their current stage of growth.

Traditionally, small businesses have struggled to access quick and affordable financing. Now, with a looming recession, emerging brands will be even more pressured to save money, but with Pod Foods Capital, it won’t be at the expense of expansion. Financing offers are customized for each specific brand through data from the Pod Foods platform and will provide brands with the cash flow needed to expand their distribution and operations. By playing a role in supporting the operations of their brands, Pod Foods’ goal is to enable accelerated business growth and keep products on store shelves, even in a turbulent economic climate.

“As demand for emerging brands increases in national retail chains, supply chain issues as well as an ongoing recession pose a significant challenge for brands trying to meet demand.” said Fiona Lee, co-founder and CPO of Pod Foods. “Pod Foods Capital is a way for our brands to seize opportunities that enable their growth. The need for targeted financing solutions is going to be greater than ever, and we look forward to playing a major role in the success of brands that partner with we.”

In retail, it can be very difficult to maintain a healthy cash flow, as wholesale customers, such as large grocery chains, typically delay payments for up to 60 days after fulfillment. Pod Foods Capital is designed to combat this lag and give brands quick and easy access to cash so they can focus on growth. Brands can view the amount they are eligible for, as well as funding terms, through their dashboard with just a few clicks. Once eligible, users can accept the funds through the dashboard and they will be deposited into their bank account within days. Refund is automatic and the whole process can be completed through their Pod Foods dashboard.

“The brands we work with are all at different stages of growth, so we knew when designing this solution that a one-size-fits-all financial product wouldn’t be optimal,” said Larissa Russell, co-founder and CEO of Pod Foods. CTO Tim Wee added, “By leveraging our data to deliver customizable plans that help us meet brands where they are with respect to their financial needs, it allows us to truly work as partners in their growth plan. , rather than simply as a distribution provider. As a full-service distribution platform with real-time information, we are uniquely positioned to deliver smart cash flow solutions compared to other vendors. »

To learn more about Pod Foods Capital and the company and its brands, please visit: https://www.podfoods-labs.co/capital.

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Pod Foods is a full-service, technology-driven, data-driven distribution solution, reaching retailers and brands through a B2B wholesale marketplace. Named one of the 10 most innovative food companies in 2022 by Fast Company, Pod Foods is revolutionizing the relationship between brands and retailers. With the platform, food retailers can easily source from emerging brands and receive orders in a consolidated way through an optimized logistics network. Food manufacturers can grow their retail business with higher margins, streamlined logistics, and transparency. In-store marketing support, data analytics and online recommendations bring visibility to emerging brands, accelerating sales so retailers and manufacturers can sell more, more easily. Follow @podfoodsco or say [email protected] for better distribution.


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