Ping An Good Doctor unveils strategic continuum 2.0


Strives to provide clients with an “easier, faster and more affordable” user experience through upgraded service channels, ecosystem optimization and the introduction of family physician memberships

SHANGHAI, 22 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited (“Ping a good doctor“; Stock Code: 01833.HK), China’s leading online medical and healthcare service platform, showcased its business achievements and unveiled its Strategic Continuum 2.0 at an Investor Day at Shanghai.

Mr. Fang Weihao, Chairman and CEO of Ping a good doctor, noted, “Ping a good doctor will further strengthen its strategic upgrade, focus on premium B2C users and introduce family physician memberships. We will continue to improve our O2O services and strive to provide our customers with a simpler, faster and more affordable user experience. “

Strengthen strategic upgrading, while remaining focused on user experience and quality of service

Since mid-2020, Ping a good doctor launched its strategic upgrade on three fronts, namely channels, services and capabilities. In terms of service channels, Ping a good doctor has always focused on exploring synergies with individual users, insurance clients and corporate clients. From June 30, 2021, the number of users registered on its platform has exceeded 400 million while the cumulative consultations approached 1.2 billion. The company said it will focus more on building more integrated financial channels and corporate client channels with stronger synergies and higher value, as well as bridging the gap between vendors and vendors. payers in the medical and health sector.

Ping a good doctor has a huge advantage because it can harness the potential presented by the 220 million financial clients of the Ping An Group. As a flagship platform of the Group’s healthcare ecosystem, the Company seeks greater synergies with the valuable Group resources by focusing on member service products in order to provide lifecycle services to the Group’s integrated high value-added financial clients.

As the Company pursues its strategic upgrade, Ping a good doctor will continue to explore ways to leverage the integrated financing channels of the Ping An Group to deliver medical and healthcare products with stronger synergies and higher value. This in turn will increase the traffic on the platform. For corporate clients, Ping a good doctor tailors products based on industry attributes and employee profiles, with the goal of maximizing consultation efficiency and providing employees with preventative health management.

Introduce family physician subscriptions to strengthen comforting services

During the event, Ping a good doctor also introduced “family physician subscriptions”. The program will take “1 family doctor + 5 specialized services + 1 health profile” as the basic service content, and will associate users with resources according to the following categories: health management, sub-health management, health management. diseases, chronic disease management and senior care management. A complete lifecycle electronic health profile for each user will be created and the appropriate O2O health services will be organized accordingly.

Family Physician Memberships will provide professional advice, link high-quality resources, provide professional empowerment to government, provide differentiated supplements to people with multi-level needs, and achieve effective social health care. in the context of an imbalanced supply and demand for medical resources and low efficiency of use.

Strengthen O2O medical services to optimize ecosystems

With the strategic upgrade, Ping a good doctor continues to improve its offline healthcare network while enhancing its online service capabilities, and fully connects massive healthcare and traffic resources with influential hospitals and healthcare facilities offline through O2O, in the goal of achieving a seamless online-to-offline experience.

From September 30, 2021, Ping a good doctor has signed O2O cooperation agreements with 189,000 pharmacies, over 4,000 hospitals, around 1,700 control centers and over 1,800 medical establishments. The alliances have laid a solid foundation for Ping a good doctor to operate client businesses and market memberships to family physicians.

The Investor Day also highlighted the technological preeminence of Ping An Group and Ping a good doctor – The world’s leading healthcare technology company with more than 1,000 medical patents, world-leading artificial intelligence technologies and a diagnostic accuracy rate of over 95%.

Moving forward, building on the experience, technology, customers and resources of Ping An Group, Ping a good doctor will further integrate its insurance + healthcare business model, family physician memberships, O2O medical service and advance its comforting healthcare services as part of its value proposition to provide customers with a “more user experience” easier, faster and more affordable “.

About Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited

Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited (“Ping a good doctor“; stock code: 01833.HK) is the leading online medical and healthcare service platform in China. Ping a good doctor strives to bridge the communication gap between physicians and patients with expertise, convenience and confidence. It is committed to building an internet healthcare platform with the largest scale, the most advanced models, and the highest entry barriers in China. Currently, Ping a good doctor has formed key business lines including online medical services, consumer health care, health center, health management and wellness interaction.



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