New Market Bank unveils its new logo | Release


In cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce of Prior Lake, Lakeville and Elko New Market, the Vogel family and members of the New Market Bank team unveiled on June 10 a new brand identity reflecting the vision and history of banking by offering “banking services as simple and sincere as a handshake.” This day marked the 116th anniversary of the bank.

“We are delighted to mark our 116th anniversary with the unveiling of our new brand identity,” said Anita Drentlaw, CPA, president of the bank. “As our industry experiences many mergers, acquisitions and even some bank closures, my family remains committed to being a local and family community bank going forward. We know that the relationships we have with our customers for generations have brought us here, and even in the digital age, strong relationships will transport us to the future. The new logo will serve as a daily reminder of the importance of relationships to our business, our communities and our lives.

Four generations of the Vogel family have run the New Market Bank since Arnold Vogel took over in 1916. Drentlaw was joined at the events of the day by her father, Chief Executive Officer Bob Vogel; her sister, vice president of retail banking Karen Ramola; and her daughter, Mikayla, a student cashier and the fifth generation in the family to work in the bank.

The bank worked with the Twin Cities Mercury Creative Group design agency on the development of the logo. Carl Sandusky, Senior Designer at Mercury, said: “Working with the team at New Market Bank, we sought to design a new logo that represents the value the bank places on service and its relationships with customers. We’ve thought carefully about how to represent this visually, both with the icon, in its display of intertwined hands, and the accessible, yet readable typeface. A mix of bold and neutral colors has been used to bring a feeling of warmth, security and timelessness.

In addition to the identity, New Market Bank has also moved to the exclusive domain at the “.bank” bank. The new URL for the bank’s website and email addresses is now NewMarket.Bank.

According to the American Bankers’ Association, acquiring the domain ensures a reliable, verified, and more secure location for a bank’s online banking services. All of these domains must adhere to robust security technologies and practices, and only verified members of the banking industry can register the domain.


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