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I am JoAnne Kiernan, candidate for the post of financial commissioner of Saratoga Springs.

I have lived in Saratoga Springs for 18 years with my husband, Todd and two sons. I was treasurer of Watersedge / Woodlands HOA; Caroline Street School PTSO and, as a board member and race organizer for Kelly’s Angels. Recently, I finished serving for nine years on the Saratoga Springs City School District School Board and served on the Finance Committee for all nine years, as well as various other committees.

As a CPA for over 26 years, I have worked with large and small businesses to create and manage budgets as well as provide financial advice and accounting services. With my experience and practical knowledge, I will be able to help Saratoga Springs recover from the pandemic stronger than ever. I will work to establish a plan for future unforeseen emergencies. Our city should always be as well prepared as possible. It is my commitment to the taxpayers of this beautiful city, to keep our taxes low without cutting services to residents.

I will seek to reduce expenses in all departments. I will defend the city at the county, state and federal government levels.

From my work at the school board, I have learned that we have more in common than differences when it comes to good governance and finances. I want to work with the citizens of Saratoga and continue to build on everything we have in common. So much can be accomplished with respectful dialogue and active listening. We should always stay focused on the issues and come together for the best of our community, instead of focusing on who is right or wrong.

We need to meet people where they are and work on solutions for all residents.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our vibrant downtown. I will work with business owners, community leaders and all stakeholders to ensure that we remain economically strong and continue to grow, while taking action to preserve and protect our beautiful Saratoga Green Belt. The Climate Smart working group has done a great job and I would continue to support and advance this work.

Once elected, I will be engaged, serve with integrity, and work to keep the city strong, healthy, prosperous and secure. I am the only candidate with the qualifications, skills and experience to help our beautiful city through these difficult times. If I am lucky enough to be our next finance commissioner, I will always put the best interests of our city before politics. We should always have leaders who are ready to work with others. We need to accomplish a lot if Saratoga Springs is to continue to thrive. Tough times lie ahead and we must all do what is best for Saratoga Springs.

This is the truest definition of being a civil servant – service before you, and that is how I will lead as the finance commissioner. Contact – [email protected]

JoAnne Kiernan is a candidate for the post of Finance Commissioner


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