Kyrrex Secures Class 4 VFA License As It Prepares To Go Trading


Kyrrex, a crypto-fiat ecosystem that connects the world of traditional and digital finance, has been awarded the highest Virtual Finance Asset (VFA) license from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). This has positioned the company to be able to provide investor services with confidence in the safety of user funds.

Kyrrex joins a short list of companies that have received such recognition. It will exercise its newly acquired Class 4 VFA license under Real Exchange Ltd, through which it will provide VFA services to new and existing users.

The main offering of Kyrrex is the Kyrrex cryptocurrency exchange where users can perform a variety of cryptocurrency transactions. With the Class 4 VFA license, Kyrrex is able to offer its customers various crypto-related products and offerings, such as a trading program, a deposit program, crypto payment services, as well as crypto exchanges. -fiat and fiat-to-crypto.

Viktor Kochetov, CEO and Founder of Kyrrex said; “For Kyrrex, the Class 4 VFA license is the result of many years of hard work and sacrifice in the digital asset arena. Over the past 5 years, the company has worked hard to build its infrastructure, hardware and software. We have shown the authority that Kyrrex can handle the highest level of stringent requirements and long term commitments demanded. In addition, the license helps us achieve one of the main goals of our roadmap to success: to enable investors and traders to be confident that their funds are protected and that all transactions are absolutely legal. This is a pivotal moment for our company that will allow Kyrrex to develop its full potential as a leader in this field, thanks to the highest level of licensing we will be able to expand the range of our services for all types of users. We are building a fully regulated ecosystem that will ensure safety and price fairness for all ”

Registration on the scholarships

Kyrrex is expected to go public after two presales rounds. The first presale cycle had been successfully concluded and subsequently the project moved on to its second resale. This presale round was announced on October 25, offering KRRX at a discounted price.

The tokens were sold to investors in the second presale round at $ 0.7 per coin. However, upon launch, a KRRX token will be listed for $ 1 for each token. The final round, which would see KRRX officially start trading on the exchanges, will see 150,000,000 KRRX enter the market.

In total, only 50% of the KRRX tokens will be available in the market after the three public rounds. The other half of the total supply will go to the operational needs of the project and to a locking and unlocking mechanism. 30% of the total tokens will be blocked for four years, with a subsequent release every six months of KRRX tokens until the supply runs out in the lock-in and release.

Benefits of owning KRRX

Holding KRRX tokens opens up benefits for users on the Kyrrext platform. These benefits are exclusive to KRRX owners and make interacting with Kyrrex products and services more enjoyable.

On the one hand, holding KRRX tokens automatically makes the holder eligible for lower trading fees. Commissions charged to traders on the crypto exchange will be lower than those charged to those who do not hold the tokens.

Holders are divided into categories based on the number of tokens they hold. These categories are General, Beginner, Professional, Insider, Institutional and Market Maker. The higher the volume of KRRX tokens held, the lower the commission fees on transactions. Traders who hold more than 250,000 KRRX tokens will enjoy commissions up to 60% lower than the average trader.

Main features of Kyrrex

Kyrrex offers a few key features for traders to make their experience smooth. These offer opportunities to earn, learn, and also services to make life easier for users.

Social commerce: This feature allows a trader to follow other traders for a fixed amount. They can choose to pay the fees using fiat, crypto, or KRRX tokens. Kyrrex does not earn commission as all charges go to the traders.

Sponsorship Program: Users are entitled to bonuses when they invite three or more traders to the platform. It’s currently not available but is expected to debut on the platform as early as the first quarter of 2022.

Multi-account management: This Kyrrex service features a manager or trader who trades for users in exchange for a share of the profits. Traders using this feature will be able to receive bonuses when they accept KRRX tokens.

Online banking services: This feature has not yet been released, but its launch is slated for Q4 2022. Online banking Kyrrex will offer users 20% cash back on all in-app purchases, in addition to 3% cash back on all card transactions. Discounts, increased cashback, and payment widgets will all be available in the online banking feature, along with a 20 KRRX token bonus for all verified users.

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