Kestra Financial launches Retirement Plan Enterprise in partnership with Envestnet Retirement Solutions


Integrated and flexible platform designed to improve and advance pension commitments at no additional cost to finance professionals

AUSTIN, Texas, May 09, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Industry-leading wealth management platform, Financial Kestratoday announced the launch of Retirement Plan Enterprise (RPE) in partnership with Envestnet Retirement Solutions.

Designed to enhance pension plan solutions, RPE provides a comprehensive pension plan practice management platform with single sign-on capability within Kestra Financial’s proprietary technology platformat no additional cost to associated financial professionals.

“At Kestra Financial, we are passionately committed to supporting our finance professionals and their pension plan clients with cutting-edge technology,” said Taylor Hammons, Head of Pensions.

Among its many features, the intuitive platform includes the following as part of its suite of retirement plan tools:

  • Plan Management Dashboard: Designed to help finance professionals define and manage retention and business goals, the dashboard provides aggregated views of plans, AUMs, and dashboards, among other key metrics. The dashboard also assists finance professionals in tracking assets and trends by funds and registrar holders.

  • Investment analysis, fundraising and monitoring reports: The platform will offer finance professionals the ability to analyze and compare existing funds with recommended ranges, provide access to RPE’s proprietary analytics module, rating criteria and weightings, as well as Generate custom reports including market commentary, asset allocation, plan level performance, fund tracking, due diligence, fee benchmarking, and more.

  • Tender and supplier search tools: The program is designed to automate, streamline, customize and efficiently manage the proposal and research process. Plus, its features will help finance professionals monitor, track, review and compare vendor responses.

“This platform is intuitive, innovative and adaptable,” Hammons said. “Whether finance professionals are looking for resources to serve their current retirement plan clients or to help them acquire new retirement plan business, this is the ideal solution for finance professionals focused on this activity area.”

The platform is tailored to the needs of finance professionals and plan sponsors, and provides the flexibility to accommodate changing regulatory requirements and fiduciary standards, designed to ensure that the finance professional’s recommendations are in the best interest of the client.

About Kestra Financial

Kestra Financial, a division of Kestra Holdings encompassing broker-dealer and Kestra-branded investment advisers, provides a leading independent wealth management platform that empowers sophisticated and independent finance professionals, including RIAs traditional and hybrid, to thrive, grow and provide superior customers. a service. With a culture rich in reinvention, Kestra Financial has developed integrated business management technology which, combined with its personalized advisory services, delivers exceptional scale and efficiency.

Based in the Silicon Hills of Austin, Texas, Kestra Financial offers an experience as unique as the city in which it operates. The firm helps more than 1,800 independent financial professionals provide their clients with comprehensive securities and investment advisory services.

The Kestra Financial division includes Kestra Private Wealth Services, LLC (Kestra PWS), Kestra Advisory Services, LLC (Kestra AS) and Kestra Investment Services, LLC (Kestra IS), member FINRA/SIPC. Securities Offered Through Registered Representatives of Kestra IS. Investment advisory services offered by duly authorized representatives of Kestra AS or Kestra PWS. Except for referenced Kestra companies, Kestra IS, Kestra AS or Kestra PWS are not affiliated with any other entities referenced in this publication.

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Kestra Financial and Envestnet are separate, unaffiliated companies. This release should not be construed as a recommendation or endorsement of any particular product, service or company.

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