ICICB, Dubai’s leading technology investment firm, is poised to shape the digital world with its exciting launch of Metaverse in May 2022


DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES/ACCESSWIRE/April 18, 2022/ The digital revolution, which first accelerated with the early advances of the internet, has since expanded to include mobile devices, big data and cloud computing. It reshapes people’s lives by allowing them to do almost everything digitally. Blockchain technologies, for example, have accelerated the need for digitization and they are a continuation of the history of the Internet. The most important players in the industry have made use of blockchain by incorporating distributed ledger technology (DLT) into their regular operations and deploying it in a variety of initiatives. New developments within the metaverse space should enable users to access virtual and augmented reality experiences in the real digital world.

Dubai-based ICICB Group has revealed tantalizing details about the imminent launch of its own Metaverse space called “Cosmos” in May 2022. the future”. on time. The Group launched the ICICB channel, “the most exciting blockchain in the world”, on February 22, 2022, through a successful private sale with the aim of transforming the digital financial industry into a decentralized virtual reality platform. ICICB’s blockchain solution has garnered interest from the smart financial community in the UAE as an innovative blockchain solution that pushes the boundaries of decentralized payments and artificial intelligence. This is due to its revolutionary ease of use, speed, transaction costs and versatility. The unshakeable characteristics serve as the basis for the upcoming projects announced by ICICB, which will be released in May.

The ICICB Group is certain that the ICICB channel will meet the various priorities of its customers, especially since it has a large ecosystem. In addition to its ingenious smart solutions, the Group envisions the future implementation of the digital world through the Metaverse initiative, which will be a game-changer for the industry. The Metaverse by ICICB aims to change the way people interact with each other, allowing them to collaborate in ways that were previously thought only possible. The objective of the project is to create a virtual universe without barriers to communication and real estate purchase. It will also allow the user to buy clothes, cars, accessories and other items to use in their virtual life on Cosmos. This interconnectivity, which is lacking in other blockchain-based games and virtual worlds, will benefit users. This metaverse will be a technological and visual revolution and will open a new digital economy based on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, thus maximizing the potential of the real world.

Cosmos will be the most immersive virtual world ever created, according to the company. It will include never-before-seen features such as the ability to own virtual land, vote in virtual government, and earn money, as well as top-notch graphics that surpass previous metaverses. Furthermore, the unprecedented paradigm will include a fully functional digital financial system to support the blockchain-based digital world.

Mr. Arruda, the group’s chairman, commented on the group’s innovation in the virtual realm, saying, “The metaverse is inevitable. Companies are rapidly expanding their virtual worlds, and it won’t be long before the world embraces them. When the time comes, we believe Cosmos will have established itself as the most immersive metaverse in the world. Given the series of successful groundbreaking steps the company has taken in such a short time, it’s clear that it will continue to push forward and endorse wider adoption of digital products.

About ICICB Group

ICICB is an investment holding company specializing in financial services and investment offerings. Emerging as one of the fastest growing multinational investment firms, they are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The group serves a variety of industries including digital banking, consulting, healthcare, commercial real estate, and more. For the past few years, ICICB’s mission has been the development and advancement of digital technology, integrated into everyday life to increase efficiency and sustainability. For more information, please visit https://icicb.com


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