Dunxin Financial (DXF.US) Sets Up Computing Energy Investment Fund and Intelligence Plans for Computing Power Center Based on Metaverse Platform


WUHAN from China, January 10, 2022 / PRNewswire / – In the Metaverse industry, artificial intelligence computing power infrastructure is becoming an important strategic deployment and key “new infrastructure” content under the new development paradigm. Investing in a new computing power infrastructure meets the demands of the development and transition of the global social economy. It plays an important role in promoting the implementation of an artificial intelligence strategy, boosting the transition to the real economy, improving the governance of society and promoting the training of professionals in the intelligence industries. artificial and engineering technologies.

During the process of business transition to the Metaverse industry, DXF works carefully and progresses steadily by consolidating the foundations of the industry and integrating industry and finance. We start with infrastructure and hardware and are committed to creating a metaverse ecology with independent R&D and innovation capabilities. We plan to push the quick button for the transition of our business by establishing a “Computing Energy Investment Fund” with well-known financial institutions and individual investors abroad and at home. The total investment is around 1 billion RMB.

The main functions and applications of DXF’s Artificial Intelligence Computing Power Center include:

  1. Powerful real-time computation and processing. It can provide users with unhindered access and browsing of the network, such as browsing web pages, video entertainment, online games, online payments, etc.
  2. Large-scale data calculation. The huge data computing load is supported by powerful computing power resources, such as distributed blockchain computing, cloud services and computing, scientific research and computing, etc.
  3. Cold data activities, such as backup storage, data transfer, etc.

DXF’s artificial intelligence computing power center is expected to be located Hong Kong and some overseas regions and start operating in the next 3-5 years.

About Dunxin Financial
Dunxin Financial, created in March 2013 with its headquarters in Wuhan, China, is an innovative fintech company initially engaged in providing loan facilities to micro-businesses and individuals.

After being listed in New York stock exchange, we strategically consider and plan the transition of the core business. Over the past two years, we have conducted extensive research and analyzed more than 200 projects in the fields of medical health, biopharmaceuticals, cold chain logistics, big data and the healthcare industry. chain of blocks. In 2021, we have decided to focus our attention on the Metaverse industry. By means of investment, merger and acquisition, integration of resources and energization of business management, we are executing our planning and rapidly entering the metaverse industry.

After its business transition, the Company will develop blockchain, NFT digitization and be involved in the Metaverse business.

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