Buy Ferrari shares after the Scuderia-Velas NFT deal?


Hi everyone, Dave Bartosiak with Trending Stocks on Most of you think you know what a Ferrari RACE (NYSE 🙂 is, but only a few of you actually know what a Ferrari looks like. Growing up in Chicago, I think I saw a 360 Spider when I was downtown and thought I won the lottery. These days, even entry-level Ferraris like the Roma will set you back $ 300,000 with decent specs. I know Ferrari Financial is doing wonders, but most of us aren’t going to collect a check for $ 4,000 every month for the privilege of driving 150 miles a month on just one. Go a little higher up the food chain, and you’re talking about three-quarters of a million for something like SF90.

Who needs a real world Ferrari anyway when you can get the NFT? Non-fungible tokens were all the rage a few months ago. Ferrari, which likes to license its brand to boost profits, has teamed up with Swiss blockchain startup Velas Network to bring the next generation of Ferraris to life.

Velas is an open source blockchain network with its own native token, Velas. Ferrari announced the deal on Monday. This is a multi-year agreement with Velas to jointly broadcast exclusive digital content for Scuderia Ferrari, the racing arm of Ferrari.

This is an exciting thing for Ferrari as the Scuderia appear to be competitive in 2022. Until the FIA ​​decides to change the rules halfway through next year to hand the title over to Max, Ferrari should be on the hunt. They could be a big story in the metaverse and give investors another opportunity for profit.

Let’s take a look at to see how Ferrari’s numbers stacked up.

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