bullish on the domestic economy; Choose banking services, capital goods, cars: Manulife Investment


Manulife Investment Management is more bullish on the domestic part of the economy, Rana Gupta, senior portfolio manager and specialist in Indian equities, told CNBC-TV18. Gupta also said they preferred sectors like banking, capital goods and automobiles.

“We are more optimistic on the interior part of the economy. So, the national cyclical stocks will be a place where we would be most constructive, which means the banking sector, the capital goods sector, the automotive sector, as these sectors contribute the most to the national economic recovery, ”said Gupta.

In global stock markets, he said, “there could be corrections related to positioning and pricing – it is certainly possible, but all of these corrections are part of a big uptrend that is taking place. takes place. “

“In the stock market, we will be more cautious on valuations in certain sectors where companies are doing very well, but valuations have increased by around 60 to 70 times the EP and there we can be more cautious because companies are fine, but stock returns may not be as high because starting multiples are so high in these sectors. ”

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(Edited by : Dipikka Gosh)

First publication: STI


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