BetMGM NBA Playoffs Promotion Continues to Offer $200 3-Point Wild Bonus –


During a playoff with a variety of impressive promotions, the latest BetMGM The NBA Playoffs promo is above the rest. With the ability to bet just $10 for a return of $200, an incredible offer is even better because this bonus pays out if either team connects on a three-pointer. This is a completely legit free money opportunity that you simply cannot ignore.

The BetMGM NBA Playoffs promotion for new users is one of the best options available in any betting market. You make a $10 moneyline bet and you will get a $200 bonus if a 3-point shot is made in-game. This will happen every time, so it’s a guaranteed reward that doesn’t depend on the outcome of your bet.

The Nuggets will try to stay alive today, and you’ll be totally invested if you’re a Denver fan. With the other games, not so much, but a bet will make any game infinitely more interesting. This promotion gives you the chance to take advantage of a completely risk-free action.

Click here to take advantage of BetMGM’s Unreal 3-Point NBA Playoff Promo. If you do not have a BetMGM sportsbook account, you are eligible. The initial bonus is sweet and you will enjoy all the added benefits of membership after becoming a registered user.

BetMGM NBA Playoffs Promotion Activation Steps

The registration process is like any other online account. It is important to access the site via one of our promotional activation links. When you take this path, you will reach the landing page of the corresponding promotion and you will follow the instructions to register.

It involves entering your personally identifiable information into the system, and your location is verified. You must be in Colorado or another state where sports betting is legal to open your account. Once this step is complete, you are good to go.

Download the BetMGM app

When your account is set up, you’re ready to start having fun, so download the app. It is available on iOS and Android and loads in seconds. The interface is completely intuitive and the virtual environment is aesthetically pleasing.

You need to fund your account to make your promotional bet, so this is the next step in the process. BetMGM offers 12 different deposit methods including PayPal, online banking, credit cards and debit cards. When the money is there, it’s time to place your bet.

BetMGM NBA Playoffs Promo Bet Details

The promotion requires a minimum bet of $10 on any NBA game to trigger the bonus. Of course, you have the freedom to bet any amount, so you’re not limited to the $10 bill. In fact, you might want to place a $200 bet because you’d be refunded if you fell short.

As long as you are a first time user of BetMGM sportsbooks, you are eligible. It’s free money pure and simple, so there’s no risk/reward equation. It’s an outright risk-free reward, as a triple is drained every game.

Click here to take advantage of the crazy BetMGM NBA playoff promo. It will offer a 20-1 bonus on a minimum bet of $10. This is a rare opportunity, and you should take advantage of it now as it can be taken away at any time.


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