Al Ain Finance chooses HID Global to deliver a secure and transparent online banking experience


Ajith Nayak, Director of Operations, Al Ain Finance.

HID Global, a global provider of trusted identity solutions, announced that UAE-based Al Ain Finance has selected its cloud-based HID authentication service and HID Approve mobile authentication app for offer its customers a secure and transparent online banking experience.

Al Ain Finance has built its operations in the UAE from the ground up on a foundation of cloud-native banking software that has optimized both its agility and resilience, especially during the global pandemic. As customers increasingly turn to digital channels, it has become essential to secure customer access and all transactions using multi-factor authentication.

As the company took the next step with the addition of digital front-office omnichannel banking, it turned to HID Global for the vital consumer authentication part of the solution. Pre-integrated with Al Ain Finance’s existing banking software, HID Global’s consumer authentication offering was easy to deploy under tight deadlines.

It has enabled Al Ain Finance to protect its clients’ data and transactions with maximum flexibility while providing a seamless online and mobile customer experience. The intuitive HID Approve app combines the security of public key cryptography and out-of-band transaction signatures that provide the convenience of push notifications.

“We can now offer a growing set of banking services through efficient and transparent digital channels with the highest levels of identity assurance,” said Ajith Nayak, COO, Al Ain Finance. “The HID interface makes enrollment and use easy, secure and efficient on many different device types, and because the solution was already integrated with our existing banking software, no custom development was required.

The HID solution reduced the time and cost of authenticating and signing intelligence-based transactions on Al Ain Finance’s existing core banking platform. Customers particularly appreciate how HID’s authentication solution enables them to securely use Al Ain Finance’s fast account login and powerful self-service capabilities. HID Approve also gives them a simple and secure way to authenticate and validate every transaction.

“In order to provide customers with secure access without invasive identity checks, organizations must deploy transparent identity verification, intelligent threat detection and adaptive authentication,” said a spokesperson for HID Global. “HID Approve and HID Authentication services help Al Ain Finance provide their customers with a new secure way to authenticate mobile access requests and verify transactions. “

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